Cranial Osteopathy Treatment

Cranial osteopathy is a very gentle treatment approach that is suitable for most people, including the very young. It does not involve invasive techniques and can be used alone or as part of a structural approach. Cranial osteopaths believe that each of us has a very small rhythmical motion in our tissues that is called ‘The Involuntary Mechanism’. Most of us remain unaware of it but cranial osteopaths are trained to detect this pattern and to diagnose from changes to it.

As in a conventional osteopathic treatment, a detailed case history is noted first. This is followed by an examination and explanation of what is required. The osteopath will then treat using gentle techniques to release the tensions.

There are a wide range of treatment methods available to the cranial osteopath and the practitioner will work with the patient to find the most appropriate. This will involve placing hands on the patient and making very subtle movements. The patient may experience some pressure or warmth and will usually feel the tension reduce as our cranial osteopaths use subtle manipulation to release tensions restricting the rhythm in order to return patients to optimum health.

Treatment is very gentle and often relaxing. Following cranial treatments patients may find that there is a general increase in well-being as other minor ailments benefit from having less tension in the body.